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Tyroparc - The Classic

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  • Hiking ride of 1,5 km.
  • A descent of 4 Mega Tyrolean for a total distance of 2.6 km.
  • Equipment required included.
  • Valid for one person.

Mountain adventure park which has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Laurentians due to its mega zip lines! All its attention and activities are deployed to make your experience an unforgettable sporting event in the Laurentians (Mont-Tremblant, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts).

The Classic Package - Adult

Hiking through a magnificent Maple Grove dotted with capes of rocks and breathtaking views. From here, you will take your first flight of a mega Tyrolean of 610 meters to reach the other edge of the mountain. In the stride you will fly for the second zip line on a 450 meters ride that will take you back to the foot of Cape Beauséjour. Then you will take a 500 meters trail that will take you to the longest of the 4 mega Tyrolean for a ride of 900 meters and 115 meters high, an unforgettable experience. At the arrival of this ride, you will embark on the last mega-tyrolean for a length of 650 meters.
Contact us for any questions or reservations: Toll free - 1.844.324.2002

You can buy 4 packages per transaction.

Addresses and additional information

400, chemin du Mont-Catherine
(Quebec) J8C 0L1


  • Mandatory reservation by phone: 1.844.324.2002
  • Your gift certificate will have to be given on arrival.
  • Cannot be refunded.
  • Cannot be combined with any offer or promotion.

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