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You can find in this page answers to frequently asked questions. If you have another question that is not in this list or about any transactions you've made, please contact us through our Join us section.

  • What is offers unbeatable deals up to 50% discount on what your city has best – restaurants, spas, shows, massages, beauty, fitness, entertainment, etc. As offers change regularly and quantities are limited, visit us often!

  • How does it works?

    We have a page explaining how. Click here to visit.

  • Where can I see and buy offers of MyRadioShop?

    Simply visit, subscribe to our free newsletter to receive offers of your city and/or follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • I’m interested in one of the offers, how to buy it?

    It’s easy! You only have to click on the « BUY » button on the page of the detailed offer. Go to the detailed offer by clicking on “view offer”.

  • Will I have to invite my friends to join to get a discount?

    No. Simply add the offer to your cart. It is not necessary to have a minimum amount of members to activate offer. Offers are sold according to the « first come, first served » system as soon as they are online. But, you still may want to invite your friends and family to sign up to take advantage of our wonderful offers in good company.

  • I bought a gift certificate – how do I use it?

    Once your account is debited, you will receive a confirmation email that you should print to pick-up your certificate if you do not choose the mailing option. Once you have the gift certificate in hand, you just have to go to the merchant indicated on the certificate to take advantage of your offer.

  • Marked « Sold » appeared in the minutes that followed the launch of the offer. How is this possible?

    As quantities are limited and that our site is very popular, sometimes the most popular gift cards flow in minutes. Be sure to visit us as soon as the certificates are online to enjoy the first choice! 

  • I saw that there were gift cards available, but the next page mentioned that I have not managed to get one. What has happened?

    The time between your page changes is sufficient to allow several people to buy the gift card you want. The system is design on the first come, first served, so it is possible that requests of other guests are received before yours.

  • Can I offer a gift certificate?

    Yes. Certificates issued by the merchant can be a gift without problem. Enjoy thus giving gifts!

  • If I do not use the full value of the certificate during one visit, can I use the remainder later?

    No. Unless it is clearly stated, you will not receive store credit or cash to compensate for what you have not spent. Go with a friend, share it!

  • When I click on the button « Buy », the window does not appear or appears incorrectly. What’s going on?

    When you click on the « Buy » button, the offer should be added to your cart and the number of items in the car twill be updated. If the offer is not added to the basket, it is possible that the download of some data is incomplete. Try to close the window and click the « Buy » button again. If it still does not work, make sure your browser is supported, cookies are accepted and the system pop-up blocker is not running. If the problem persists, it may be due to firewall that blocks the entry of data. Check the settings of your firewall.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept payment by Visa and Mastercard.

  • I completed a transaction, but I have not received a confirmation email. Why?

    If you have not received a confirmation email, first check your junk mail (spam). Sometimes some emails are blocked by a firewall. Make sure we are on your safe list! It is sometimes possible that an email is discarded or corrupted and you have made an error while entering your email address. Check your purchase history to see if the purchase is indeed to resend the email. Finally, make sure your provider is not down. If you have checked all the options mentioned above, you think your purchase has been completed and that you always difficult to get your confirmation email, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • I lost my confirmation email. What to do?

    You can reprint it from your purchase history in the members’ section.

  • I pressed the button "Complete my transaction" and I received an error message. Is my transaction has been completed?

    When there is a lot of traffic on the Internet, it may happen that the communication is interrupted for a short period of time between the ISP and the server transaction, which produces an error on our pages. For your protection against fraud, our system will generate these errors if it detects anything abnormal. If you do not receive an email confirming that your credit card has been charged, is that the transaction has not been completed.

  • I completed a transaction, then I received an email that tells me it was canceled. What has happened?

    If you have received an email that carries the message "Voided", it is possible that we have not been able to verify your CVV code from the issuer of your credit card. Therefore, we had to cancel your transaction.

  • I started a transaction and an hour later, I returned to complete. I then received an email stating that my transaction was invalid. Why?

    If you leave a session open and incomplete for a too long period and later decide to complete the transaction, it may happen that the time limit is exceeded or the server interprets it as a fraud and terminated to protect yourself. In this case, the transaction is canceled and you will not be charged because you did not buy a gift card. It is always best to complete your purchase as soon as possible.

  • I want to buy several gift cards in a single transaction. Is it possible?

    Yes, if it’s gift cards from different vendors. You can add as many offers as you like to your cart.

  • Can I buy several gift cards from the same vendor?

    Limit of one certificate per vendor, per person and per household unless otherwise indicated. Every certificate has its own conditions that you are responsible to read. Your purchase of the certificate is your acceptance of theses conditions. Certificate have no cash surrender value and cannot be combined to any other offer.

  • What does look like the gift certificates I will receive by mail or I would recover at your office?

    You will receive real gift certificates, approved and issued by participating merchants. Gift certificates show market value, not the discounted price you paid.

  • What are the restrictions that apply to gift cards?

    All restrictions that apply to gift cards are mentioned in the descriptions of offers on the site and on the gift card. You know exactly what to expect.

  • Your gift cards do not carry an expiration date. Why?

    Since June 30, 2010, the Law on Consumer Protection prohibits the prepaid gift cards to carry an expiration date. Our gift cards do not carry. For more information on the Law on Consumer Protection, see the section on prepaid cards on the site of the Office of Consumer Protection:

  • I lost my certificate. What to do?

    Unfortunately, in no case we reissue a certificate. They are considered to be cash. Make sure to keep your certificates in a safe place. We are not responsible if you lose your certificate.

  • Do you offer a shipping service?

    Yes. We offer shipping service in Quebec and Ontario only. To use the shipping service, be sure to select the shipping option when completing your transaction. Shipping charges apply and is guaranteed by Canada Post. Shipping costs cover onsurance for your purchase as well as a tracking number to locate the item. Please note that we are not responsible for mistakes in the writing of the adress.

  • I made several transactions in a single day. Can they be combined into one delivery?

    No. Delivery charges are automatically applied to each transaction when your profile contains a delivery address. To save money, make sure to combine all your purchases in a single transaction.

  • How long does it take for delivery?

    Your purchases are mailed within days of your transaction. You will usually receive your purchase within 7 business days. Please note that once your purchases posted, we cannot be held responsible for delays incurred at Canada Post.

  • I have not received my purchases by mail. What should I do?

    You have 3 months from the date of purchase to inform us in case you have not received your purchases by mail. After this period, it is unfortunately not possible for us to track delivery with Canada Post. Failure to notify us of a purchase not received within less than three months from the date of purchase, all deliveries will be deemed to have been received and can neither be replaced nor refunded.

    Please note that a lost or undelivered envelope will be processed by Canada Post via their service ticket system and not by

  • I forgot to add and / or I want to cancel the delivery!

    Once your transaction is completed, it is not possible to change. If you want your purchase by mail, be sure to select the shipping option during your transaction. If you want to pick up your purchases at our office, be sure to select pick-up.

  • Where, when and how do I take possession of my purchases?

    Print your confirmation email and bring identification with you. Your purchases will be available from the date specified on your confirmation email to the offices associated with the site on which you have purchased. Ex: If you buy gift cards on the Montreal site, you can collect your purchases from our offices in Montreal. Check the opening hours and address on the "Contact Us" page on each site for more details.

  • Can I send someone else to pick up my purchases?

    Yes. The person you send must bring your confirmation letter, a legible copy of your photo identification and a valid photo ID to itself.

  • Can I return my purchase?

    All sales are final, no refunds will be made.

  • I have a problem with a merchant. What should I do?

    Please note that once purchased the offer, the merchant is responsible for providing the service or product and honor certificates issued. Thank you kindly contact the merchant for any comments or complaints about it.

  • The merchant has closed its doors! Can I get a refund?

    If the merchant has closed its doors permanently, you bought gift cards for less than 6 months and you have always in hand a copy of your confirmation email, you may be eligible for reimbursement. Contact us for more details. We recommend that you use your certificates prior to the 6 months reimbursement period provided to you by

  • I want to create a profile / I want to edit my profile!

    You can create or edit your profile at any time. Click the buttons provided for this purpose and follow the instructions.

  • I created a profile; can I buy on all regions?

    Your profile is valid for all regions. Perhaps, you can only buy from one region per transaction.

  • I've lost my password!

    Use the "Forgot your password? " function. Located under the connection zone.

  • Which browsers are supported by

    In general, we support the two latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. However, previous versions and other browsers will work in most cases.

  • Should my browser to accept cookies and pop-up?

    Yes. Make sure you disable system pop-up blocker and your browser accepts cookies.

  • How do I feature my business on

    Email us at for details.

  • Your website and my personal information are they secure?

    Certainly. We take very seriously the protection of your personal information. All payment information is analyzed using a bank payment gateway encrypted and secure. Your credit card information is never stored on our servers. In addition, under no circumstances will we sell, or rent your information to a third entity, including merchants from whom you have

  • I have other questions, how can I reach you?

    If you have any comments or questions that are unanswered after reading the FAQ, do not hesitate to contact us at the address or by using the form on the page "Contact Us ".