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Chez Putters

Special Price: $15

Value of $30

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 Round of golf simulator for two (2) people for only $30


With the latest technology, Fullswinggolf simulators creates a virtual golf simulation that lets you play golf all year long.

How it works?
You play your game with a real golf ball and all your regular golf clubs. You play your game as if you were outside. Sensors will catch your ball speed, your flight angle and ball spin for an immediate ball flight simulation. Exceptional realism.

A real challenge
The graphic system and tracers of the golf ball gives you and accurate golf simulation. Golf balls bounces of the trees, splashes in the water or is submerged in the sand. The golf greens are a good challenge also.

All golfers most compose with their own situation fairway, rough, deep grass. Every experience is unique.



Addresses and additional information

Cher Putters
181, rue Principale
Gatineau (secteur Aylmer), Qc
J9H 6A6
Tél.: (819) 557-1188

Situé à l'intérieur des Galeries Aylmer



  • Valid only Chez Putters in Aylmer
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  • No monetary value


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